This was one of those last minute, thrown together outfits. I was only popping the shops and getting a coffee with Beth, but you know me. I'm terribly indecisive, especially when it comes to my clothes. You wouldn't think it was Summer judging by the colour palette, would you? The rain never stopped so tights and my trusty 'festival jacket' were a must. I've had this jacket for maybe four years and pay-per-wear must be down to the pennies by now..I managed to snap it up for an amazing £4 from a charity shop. Definitely one of my best ever finds!

I'm also really loving this bag lately. I went into primark a few weeks ago and eyed it up but thought "No, no, I'll be good. Saving my pennies.." but a few days later I found myself surrendering £12 at the till. Totally worth it. Nothing says bohemian like a bit of fringing.

jacket H&M via charity shop / dress forever 21 / choker* little shirley beans / bag primark / trainers new balance via footasylum

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