Bare legs, shock horror! But frizzy hair and awkward poses as usual, so there isn't too much change, don't worry. Wearing this outfit I was busy running errands and being a grown up, but then I reverted back to being a big kid and went to the pictures to see bad neighbours which imho was pretty funny but to be honest I would have appreciated hearing Seth Rogen's amazing laugh a bit more.

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primark rings, gold rings, stack, rings stacked up

dress motel rocks / mens' shirt primark (old) / bag topshop (old) / boots ASOS / rings primark / watch* casio via the watch hut

The reason for calling this post 'bother boots' is that what my mum and dad called them as soon as I showed them my new purchase, parading around the front room in them like you do in your parent's shoes when you were little. I really do love a good pair of clunky shoes, don't you?