a bohemian in pyjamas

9:30 am

That is what I am today, a bohemian in pyjamas. My blog is meant to record my adventure to finding my personal style, and today I felt a big step closer to finding just that. Lately I've been feeling quite uninspired, unlike myself. But today I wore this bohemian look to go shopping with my dad, a rare occasion, but a sweet one nonetheless. And yes, I did get a few inspiring pick-me-ups which I'm sure you'll be seeing soon.

Oh yeah, the pyjamas thing. These pants are pyjamas. Like, literally, they came as part of a set. But I completely forgot about them and when I rediscovered them I had a tough time deciding what they were. I've decided I'll be wearing them as pants from now on, seeing as they are made of an almost crepe-like material, not typical jersey. Very strange, I know, but everyone said they couldn't tell, so there.

bohemian style, coachella 2014 fashion, haim inspired fashion, haim look, bohemian trousers, printed pants, palazzo pants, shoulder robing, chunky sandals, floral pants

jacket warehouse (old) / sunglasses* F&F / top primark / belt dad's / pants (yes, pants) george (old) / sandals new look / ganesh ring gift / twisted rings miss selfridge / midi rings topshop sale

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  1. You'd never be able to tell that these are pyjama bottoms, they're gorgeous!x


  2. I would never have guessed that they were pj bottoms unless you said! Love the outfit, especially the sandals!x


  3. I do the same thing! I have some trousers from a vintage shop which may be pjs. I don't care either and they feature on my blog :) xx


  4. I really love the pjs and would never have thought they were pjs if you didn't point it out. How versatile! x


  5. Those trousers are just amazing, and I'd never have even guessed they were pj's if you hadn't have said. The pattern is just so pretty too, an perfect for spring x


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  7. I would never have though they were pajama trousers! I do like the idea though,I bet they're lovely & comfy.xx


  8. no way are these really pjs, they are so funky! you look fab!


  9. In love with your pants and sandals, can't believe they're pjs, you rock them so well! xx

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