I'm writing this post whilst sitting on a national express coach which was 40 minutes late and this story all started on my way to Manchester coach station this morning. Down Oxford Road, a young boy looked at me, gasped and tugged on his mother's arm, sort of like a scene in a Christmas film where the kid thinks he's seen Santa Claus. I thought it was a little weird, but that's just kids, right? Then, as I approached my seat inside the coach station, a woman stared at me, obviously wishing I wouldn't sit next to her. Well, tough luck love because I ain't gonna sit next to the man who suspiciously stinks of wee, am I? After a sneaky glare in my direction, she edged away and whispered something to her husband. A minute later I noticed that a group of European tourists sitting opposite me were not just glancing, but full on staring at me. I even think a sneaky picture may have been taken at one point.

It was only after running my fingers through my hair that I remembered I was wearing my new ASOS hairband. It's big, multi-coloured and has giant pom-poms on it. Very Harajuku. Maybe this was the cause of all of these socially awkward moments...I took a quick glance in my mirror phone reflection to check if there was anything in my teeth or anything on my face. Nope, definitely the hairband.

asos pom pom hairband

But why had my headgear become a tourist attraction? I didn't really mind, in fact I found it quite amusing. I had wore it to lectures just two days before and no one even batted an eyelid, mind you, I am a fashion student. This really got me interested in other culture's styles, would my hairband not be socially acceptable in some other cultures, whilst being the norm in places like Japan? Why are some people so afraid to dress differently, I wonder. Is it because they want to go unnoticed or because their communities have told them they should be this way? 

My colourful hairband doesn't say "I'm loud and in your face", well, I don't think it does anyway, as I'm definitely not. If you know the first thing about me you'll know I'm the biggest hermit there is. I just have fun with my style and I bloody love this hairband so you bet I'll be wearing it again and again. Tourists welcome.