Stop. I know what you're thinking. Velvet leggings were so 2011 and everybody on totally overdid them and now they can only be worn with big baggy jumpers and fluffy socks when we're moping around the house. Wrong, my friends. What we're forgetting is these bad boy's main strength, it's right there in the name, velvet. They're freaking velvet and we're keeping them under lock and key?!

I say it's time to whack them out again and rework these soft, comfortable, wonderful pieces of joy, just styling them a little bit differently to last time. I've thought up a few different ways to cover many different styles. Not all of us are lookbook grungey with jumpers three sizes too big, a pair of creepers and a top knot. But if you are, that's great too. Now tell me you're with me and which style you're gonna revive.
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