This was the outfit I wore for my first proper day at uni! As some of you might know if you follow my twitter, I am feeling very homesick lately, but the one thing that's keeping me here right now is my course. I am in love with it. I'm studying international fashion promotion at MMU and even after one day I can tell I'm going to love it. In our first proper lecture we watched Dolce & Gabbana's AW13 show and people squealed when Cara came on screen, and we all sobbed over how beautiful Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress was. So yeah, I think I'm on the right course. If any of you are interested in me doing a uni video then please let me know as I recently got a few gadgets to help me with my youtube videos and think it'd be a fun thing to do :)

Anywho, I'm still trying to sort out taking OOTD pictures. For this post, I used the self-timer on my camera with no remote or tripod in a dimly lit, messy room. It took me 2 hours to get these shots... Someone volunteer to be my photographer?! I will pay you in biscuits and cups of tea. Twinings and everything.

neoprene sweatshirt ASOS / tartan trousers primark / patent loafers* new look / backpack topshop (old)