Granted, today's post is a little different to my usual, but I'm pretty sure you guys will still like it, especially if you can't make it down to Manchester that easily. The gallery of costume in Manchester is currently holding a Christian Dior exhibition until 12th January 2014, featuring creations from Christian Dior himself and YSL when he was working for the fashion house during the fifties.

It was amazing to see such beautiful designer dresses close up, which is a rare occurrence for me, believe me. (I only went into Selfridges for the first time the other week and almost fainted next to the Alexander Wang concession.) The exhibition included dresses from the infamous 'New Look' collection, a ball gown made specifically for the London market and even a custom made dress which belonged to a local woman named Agnes Miles.

It was interesting to see the different styles of dress and how they evolved through the seasons, even if it was only due to minor changes such as sleeve shape or a slightly higher hemline. Okay, so I wouldn't exactly wear most of it now, but that just goes to show how much style has changed over the past few decades. You can definitely see how current designers are influenced by these archives. So if you're interested in design or even just a fashion junkie like me, try to pop down to Manchester before the exhibition finishes, and seeing as it's only small, you can also do a bit of shopping while you're in town ;)