If, like me, you love the infamous ASOS gingham smock dress but can't justify the £36 price tag (or £50 for the whitepepper's version) then do I have a treat for you. I popped into my local fabric shop and picked up about 2.5 metres of this crinkled gingham cotton for about a fiver and still had plenty of leftover fabric when I was finished. Any ideas what I can use the leftovers for? See the dress in an outfit post here.

First, you will need..
2.5 metres of fabric
sewing machine
newspaper or tracing paper

These are the pattern pieces I used for my dress including seam allowances. I wanted an oversized smock like the ones on ASOS and these pieces are based on my measurements which of course are not going to be right for everyone, so make sure your pieces are perfect for your body before you start cutting and sewing. It's best to go big then make it smaller if needed. All of these pattern pieces are meant to be cut on the centre fold (the blue lines).
Pin your pieces on your fabric on the centre fold, taking care with the print, especially if it's on a large scale. I say this, but I didn't take much care as my fabric was on a small scale and I quite like the laid back look. Cut them out carefully then pin the top pieces together right side to right side. Do the same for the skirt.

Then sew the seams of the top, sealing the ends using the back pedal. Do the same for the sides of the skirt. 

You might need to make small pleats on the front of the top like I have, especially if you have a large bust and small waist, just make sure they are even in size and equal distances from the center. To do this, simply make little folds and pin down. Then pin the top and skirt together, make sure they are the right way around! i.e. pin right side to right side, and sew.

Next up, roll over and pin the edges of the armholes, neckline and hem. Then sew these on the machine. That should be it! What do you think of my ASOS dupe? And will you be trying this tutorial for yourself? Let me know and tweet me any questions!