candy floss colours

10:30 am

Not often you'll see me wearing head to toe pastels, is it? But it felt appropriate for this lovely weather we're having (which no doubt you'll have already read about on every other UK based blog lately).

cat eye retro sunglasses, summer style, garden, long hair, beach waves, off the shoulder top t shirt, floral denim shorts

sunglasses primark (old) / t-shirt new look sale / floral denim shorts unbranded / belt vintage / converse littlewoods (old) / hamsa hand necklace gift / tutankhamun necklace DIY

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  1. omgosh your converse are so so coool! this is such a cool outfit

  2. Great outfit and those shoes are so cool - what is written on them reminds me of an artist who wrote that kinda thing on his work but I cannot remember who it was! :)

  3. Love your jewellery and the pastel colours :D

    Ruth xx

  4. Really love the colour of your shorts!awesome:)