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Prom. You're either counting down the days and the diamantes, or pushing through the rails to find the only decent dress that doesn't look like it belongs on 'my big fat gypsy wedding'. I'm the first kind, kinda obvious for a fashion blogger, I know. I just like the fuss of it all. All the effort that goes into preparing one special outfit that makes you feel like a princess.

For year 11 prom, I chose my shoes over a year in advance and my Mum made the dress for me months beforehand. But this year, I found a dress I quite liked on ebay and hastily bought some shoes that looked like they might match and a neon bag that didn't go, but I loved it all the same. I think that this year, for my year 13 prom, even if I was less prepared, I felt more confident in myself, like even though I was dressed to the nines, I still looked like me and that hopefully shined through. 

dress topshop via ebay / shoes ASOS / bag zara / bracelet Tiffanys

Do any of you have prom this year? What are you wearing, tell me, I'm so nosy! :)

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  1. Your dress is so nice, and you look really pretty! Hope you had a lovely prom

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the simpler look :) I got my prom dress from Mango for £40 haha! Hope you had a great night :) x

  3. You look gorgeous! Well done on finding such a beautiful dress on ebay - and I like the unexpected pop of neon. Who says you can't tick off a trend for prom? xx

  4. gorgeous dress and you're so pretty! love your hair.

  5. gorgeous gown, girl! My prom was many moons ago, but I'll tell you what I'd be wearing for SURE if I was going again... my little PortaPocket! :) those cute purses are fun but who wants to babysit that bag all night. I'd keep incidentals in my purse and WEAR what I really need (like ID, lipstick, tampon, $ etc). Be safe and have FUN!
    ♥ @PortaPocketGal