I've recently discovered the online brand Angela&Roi. They specialise in handbags made from vegan leather and focus on customer service, which is something I look for in every brand I come across, plus it keeps me being a well behaved vegetarian.

They sell chic, understated luxury bags in a variety of colours. These are just a few of my favourites:

Their website is sleek and easy to use, and even has a blog which I've been gathering inspiration from, titled 'color unstoppable'. There's also a whole page dedicated to their fine craftsmanship, which carefully explains the manufacturing process, for those of us who like to know a little history about what we buy.

My favourite part about this friendly brand is their 'donate by color' scheme. They work with several charities and each one is associated with a different colour. And each time you purchase a bag in that colour, a $5 donation is made to the associated charity. For instance, if you bought a white handbag from Angela&Roi, you would also be donating $5 to lung cancer awareness. Shopping for a cause, I like it.

For the time being, Angela&Roi only ship to the US, but hopefully soon their amazing bags will be making their way over here to the UK, I'm counting down the days!