club tropicana

7:31 pm

..drinks are freeeee. Haha just kidding, they're not. I smuggle miniature bottles of vodka in.

I love this top. It is tropical, bright, mirror print and it cost me £4 reduced from £35. It is a size 8 so admittedly, it squashes me a little, but for £4 I wasn't going to let it go, was I? Seeing as it is February and I didn't want to look too out of season, I tucked this into my trusty black pencil skirt and my new black heels got another adventure for the second night in a row. I can't wait to wear this with denim shorts and my vans in the Summer. (I ain't a sandals kinda girl)

okay so my nails are actually miss sporty coral but for some reason they're coming up pink? Weird.

top warehouse (old) / skirt H&M / heels faith at debenhams / bag primark (old) / ring primark (old)

Anyone interested in a potential Liverpool bloggers meet up this summer tweet @allie_davies or @projectchichi. Also don't forget to check out my new blog shop!

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  1. You look gorgeous, I love your club tropicana top :)

  2. Ohhh I loove that top! It's so prettyyy! :) x Laura

  3. You look amazing! I love your top :)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  4. awe! you are seriously so cute! I love your blouse!

    love, polly :)
    the littlest polly

  5. Oh this top is so amazing! Also - LOVING your Friends style door! Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog

    Fiona xo

  6. love the pattern on that top!