Remember how I mentioned that I got a llama dungaree dress for my birthday? Well I finally wore it last night! The llama print on this dress makes me wish I was in Scandinavia in the snow. Not sure if they even have llamas there but in my head they do. 


I was also very lucky to receive a pair of glasses from Firmoo recently. I've been after a pair of tortoiseshell glasses for a while and these are just the right size, shape and really sturdy too. I was pleased to find they come with both a hard and soft case, as well as a handy screwdriver set for on-the-go repairs. Which is just as well, considering how clumsy I am... Firmoo also sell sunglasses, I just thought I'd release my inner geek. (Inner? What am I talking about? I'm an outer geek.) What makes Firmoo even cooler is that the first pair of glasses you buy are FREE. Yes, completely free. You only have to pay for shipping, how kind. If you're thinking 'But Allie, you don't wear prescription glasses?' you're right, I don't, but Firmoo offer both non-prescription and prescription glasses for us all. So what are you waiting for? Get over to Firmoo and buy some free Christmas presents!

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p.s. thanks Meg for taking these pictures!