Hey guys! Sorry about the quiet weekend, but as you all know I was in London checking out Westminster university (decided against it, Manchester Met is faarrrr better), visiting family and of course shopping!
On Friday I travelled by train with my mum before heading off to the amazing Westfield shopping centres. Yes, both of them, on either side of London. When in Rome eh? Well London but whatever. I also somehow managed to squeeze in a trip to Brick Lane before collapsing on the couch. Westfields was amazing, one site has tonnes of 'proper' designer shops, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Dior etc. I was totally in awe just seeing the products in the flesh (through a window, as if I went in. Psht.) before my fabulous Mum surprised me by taking me into the Tiffany's store. YES, I GOT A FREAKING TIFFANY'S BRACELET FOR MY BIRTHDAY. Don't mean to brag but yeah I'm slightly excited to wear it?! I was also so excited to finally go to Forever 21 at the Stratford city site. We don't have one in Liverpool yet even though apparently there's one getting built at the moment, which I plan to spend all my wages in. While at Brick Lane I visited the temporary American Apparel factory outlet (I'm usually not a huge fan of their stuff, way overpriced basics is all it is) but thought I'd see if I could find any bargains and I did, which will hopefully be shown in a haul post pretty soon :)
OOTD for Friday shopping:

 Apologies for the serious lack of poses, we did take more photos but you can see why they didn't work out...(bless my Mum's photography skills)

faux leather jacket warehouse, khaki parka charity shop but originally from H&M, crop top primark and DIY, pants matalan, bag see details here, creepers shoo shoo in Liverpool, bracelet Leeds festival

There's lots more photos and OOTDs to come over the next few days so follow and stay tuned!