I really am a sort of new-age, 17 year old hippy living in the city (well, suburbs of a city). My reasons for this are I'm a vegetarian, I believe in the power of positive thinking - The Secret, The Power etc etc - and I also own tonnes of peace sign necklaces, just to justify the cliché. It must be passed down in my genes, as my Mum was a hippy back in the day, as well as a skinhead...make up your mind mother. All this outfit is missing is a piece sign and a bindi!

Not my best posing, admittedly. But hey ho.

dress chelsea girl at river island (old), headband primark, tights primark, ankle boots ASOS 

Speaking of Chelsea, (weak link there I know), I'm going to London next week! I'm hoping to visit Westfields shopping centre on Friday and Brick Lane on Saturday, any suggestions of where to go for bargains, a bite to eat etc? Thanks guys!