happy birthday to me!

7:14 pm

My first post as an 18 year old, an official adult! Over the weekend I had a party with my friends and although I didn't manage to get the usual standard of blog-worthy outfit photos, I did manage to get a blurry full length picture which I've cropped my beautiful friends out of. Awkward. But I thought I'd do the best I could for you guys and post the best quality one I could find, including a few close ups (taken later) of my accessories that I wore on the night.
 bracelet Leeds festival, watch Michael Kors
 ring freedom @ topshop available here, nails unnamed @ l&b
 earrings next similar available here
 shoes debenhams sale - an absolute bargain, reduced from over £30 down to just £8 thanks to my staff discount!
dress river island sale, hair done at Astilo, Waterloo, Liverpool. Again, my apologies for the picture quality. But I'm an adult now so I can do what I want ;)

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  1. Love your MK watch, I just got one too for my 21st! Check out my post here, http://lmwhitmore.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/21-candles_24.html

    Hope you had a good birthday Allie!

    L, x

  2. Aw happy birthday! You look gorgeous and I'm in love with you watch :)

    LelaLondon.com - Latest: Last-minute Halloween make-up tutorial!

  3. :) So cute really loved your stuffs. And btw welcome to adulthood ;)

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  4. Happy Birthday - welcome to the world of the adults! Just ignore the voices that tell you you have to be reasonable and grown-up now (Have fun!).

    As for the jewellery: sooo cute!
    I also love the golden high heels, they're totally lovely - though I'm no big fan of peep-toes, but that pair is adorable!

  5. Happy birthday!! Your watch is so gorgeous.

    <3 Melissa

  6. you look lovely. Happy birthday! Love the watch, I really want one

  7. I love the dress and welcome to adulthood (lol). I'm 23 soon and still don't feel like an adult. But it is great knowing that I can have cake for breakfast and no-one can tell me not too!


  8. Happy Birthday! You are looking so pretty. Love the shimmering shoes with golden heels. Nice pic!

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  9. Happy Birthday hope you had a great day :D you look stunning!! The dress is so gorgeous-I can't believe it was that price, nice one!!



  10. happy birthday! love love love the shoes! and i love your blog, I'm now following you(:


  11. Wow, I LOVE your Michael Kors watch!
    Gorgeous sense of style :)
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    If you have a spare moment, please check out mine, and if you like what you see, follow back?
    Andrea xxx