It's the last day of my Summer holidays and you know what that means...haircut time! I have been going to Astilo for 6 years now, it's my local unisex hairdressers in Waterloo, Liverpool (if you're from the area I seriously recommend it) and Emma done me a nice curly blow ready for school tomorrow as you can see in the picture. Although it is a little windy outside, so the picture doesn't do much justice.

Didn't realise my hair was covering this much of my face in the picture until now haha, yeah, it's pretty windy :(
This red tiger top is actually a bodycon dress, unbranded, from Storm, Liverpool, but similar dresses are sold pretty much everywhere. The skirt as I'm sure most of you know is Primark's 'it' skirt from a while ago, it's now out in a gunmetal silver so grab it while you can! I'm also wearing a little vintage gold chain which is hidden by my massive curls and Debenham's flats. 
IHope you've all had a good Summer :)