Today's post is only a quickie I'm afraid, this picture was taken on Wednesday as I was on my way to the pictures to see 'A few best men'. It was actually funnier than I expected. I was very busy on Thursday as I had school and work straight afterwards until quite late so better late than never, eh? I'm in a hurry to get ready though as I'm going to my friend's 18th birthday party tonight. 
This is my first go at the peplum trend, I'm not normally a fan of very, very popular trends (oh gosh I sound like such a hipster, but you know what I mean) so I avoided this one for a while but for £4 I thought I'd give it a go. Now, I'm quite proud of my figure, I'm a UK size 10 with an hourglass shape and quite a small waist, but I'm afraid peplums do not do me any favours, no matter how the press rants and raves about how they suit anyone and whittle you down to the perfect figure. This top made my hips look very wide and looks a bit unflattering on the tummy (I think this is because my chest stretches the top a little so it hangs weird). I'm not saying don't buy it, infact I love the colour and the super soft fabric, I'm just saying it isn't my favourite trend and don't make the mistake I did of taking the tags off and losing the receipt before trying it on.
Anywho, apart from the disappointment of the top, the outfit is....
Necklace last seen here TU at Sainsbury's, blazer originally from Dorothy Perkins but bought in a charity shop and customised, peplum top, jeans and bag from Primark, flatforms from ASOS, as featured in a previous post.