Now September's arrived, I am going slightly overboard on metallics. I seen this skirt recently and within seconds I'd already conjured up the perfect outfit in my head to wear for my friend's 18th birthday party. Usually for parties I wear the usual short dresses with 6 inch heels but for some reason this outfit was a little different. It wasn't quite what I originally had in mind due to a frustrating issue to do with a high neck crop top from a certain online shop and courier, but we won't go into that for now. This is what I wore instead..

Getting my excuses in now for the poor quality - rush getting ready, dark outside and mother's photography. Will do better next time!
Due to the mishap of the top order, my amazing mum transformed one of my old T-shirts and created this cute crop top. Thanks mum! So, top originally from Primark with DIY, necklace belongs to my Mum, skirt Primark, bag also Primark but very, very old (I practically own the whole shop, don't I?), bracelet Leeds festival, ring is from 'Retro Girl' at a local shop, boots are my ASOS favourites, last seen here and my nails are Nail Rock foils.
Bring on the next 18th! :)