Today I began year 13, my final year in sixth form! And this was my outfit, with a change of scenery again, to the front garden for a change because the lighting is better there this time of day.

I love that we have a dress code rather than a set uniform in sixth form, more freedom! Today's outfit was:
peter pan collar blouse from Topshop, linen shift dress (actually has a crochet collar that I've tucked in) reduced from £13 to £5 so snap it up quick from Primark! Primark's black 100 denier tights which are the best I've ever worn, and No Doubt creepers from Shoo Shoo in Liverpool, which I've previously posted about here
These nail foils are the best! I've tried quite a few nail foils, and in my opinion these are the easiest to apply, possibly the prettiest and one of the cheapest. They're from Asda and cost £4.50 which is nothing compared to most nail wraps! I am in love with them and will definitely be buying them again, they're more of a plastic film than a solid foil so go on smoother and are easier to cut at the edges of the nail, you only get 12 foils though, so you'd have to buy 2 packs if you wanted a full mani/pedi.
Right, must dash, off to the pictures with my friends to see 'a few best men' :)