September is off to a good start! Yesterday I helped a groom pick out his bride's wedding shoes for Don't tell the bride (a UK TV show on BBC 3 where the groom organises the whole wedding without the bride's input), I hope she likes them! And today I managed to get all my coursework finished in time for going back to school on Wednesday. While I'm in this productive mood I thought I'd whip up a little outfit to blog about as I'm slowly becoming addicted!

I look sulky again on these pictures, sorry! I must come across so moody, but I'm actually smiling on the inside haha!
Glasses were from a London market stall, you know one of those poking out of a tourist shop, necklace is from yet another tourist shop in Rhodes, Mens Divided at H&M T-shirt, shorts are from ebay and customised using studs also bought from ebay and my shoes are an old pair of converse from Littlewoods.-I've just had a little search to see if they're still available anywhere and I couldn't find them, just incase you wanted to get yourself a pair..but hey who knows. 
These shoes are quite the conversation starters, do you have any eye catching, limited edition shoes you just love to show off? Let me know, and happy September!