plain-just like the weather!

2:40 pm

My first post!
Today I'm wearing...
Men's Divided T-shirt, Primark maxi skirt, vintage belt, wooden bracelet (gift), Matalan peace sign bracelet, Topshop necklace (old) and Primark platform sandals (old).
With the weather being so indecisive lately, I decided to go with my trusty primark maxi skirt as it's hot outside but not exactly hotpants weather due to the looming storm clouds, and paired it with my classic plan white tee. Men's T-shirts are much better quality than Women's in my opinion. Anyway, I decided not to go overboard on the accessories as I usually do as my nails are quite busy today, thanks to George at Asda's mint nail polish and my black and white nail pens, a gift from my mum. Here's hoping my next post will be more suited to a boiling hot Summer!

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  1. Nails are boss Allie, I can never do my right hand :( x

    1. thanks! I do struggle with my right hand, but practice makes perfect right?x

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