So, I finally caved into the pajama pants trend thanks to Matalan's sale. I was there earlier to see if they had some creeper shoes in a size 6 (I had drama with the size 7s-why so big Matalan? And I'm stressing because I need them for when I go back to sixth form next month but there weren't any left) but ended up raiding the sale racks and first came across some lovely pink patterned pants, but I knew I'd never wear them, as you can see from my complexion, pink isn't really my colour. Instead I decided to buy these black and white ones on a whim. I surprised myself really, I'm never usually this daring when it comes to the bottom half of my outfit, but for £8 who could resist, eh? I'm thinking of taking them to Leeds festival next week as after a few days of not shaving or tanning I'll probably want to cover my legs up! I created this outfit within minutes, with it's sole purpose being to blog about but I'm stuck for ideas on how to wear them out, whether it be for lunch, going the pictures, going out or to Leeds fest, so any suggestions would be great! The whole outfit is this:
sports top from H&M (absolute bargain at £1.99, I use it for pilates too), TU at Sainsbury's necklace (half price so be quick!), mixed bracelets, some of which are gifts, the charm bracelet was bought last year in Matalan and my new beloved flatforms from ASOS.
I'm in love with these shoes! I bought them for A/W as they'll go great with tights but it seems I'm not that patient. What do you think of the pajama party trend? I'd love to hear your thoughts. p.s. look, it's sunny!