Okay so this is an unusual outfit for me. I've worn this shirt once in the whole 2 years I have owned it, the pants are also very rarely seen outside of the house and my hair is off of my face! What is happening to me?! Today I popped out to the shops with some friends to grab some last minute things for Leeds festival (I'm so excited!), when I left the house, about 2 minutes after these photos were taken, it was torrential rain and by the time I'd got off the 10 minute train journey, it was blistering sunshine. Ah, British weather. Please stay dry for Leeds this weekend! 
Primark headband (old), Asda shirt (old), leopard print belt from Primark, tan jodhpur/pants/legging thingies from Marks&Spencer - I don't know exactly what they are haha! Bag is also from primark (old) and the shoes are from Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams - I bought these a few months ago but I know we have one pair left in Liverpool which have been there for a while, not sure about other stores? But they aren't online anymore either I'm afraid. Apologies if you fancied buying any of these items, I don't know why I'm wearing all old stuff haha!